Updated Bullroarer Patch Notes

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The patch notes for Book 7 on Bullroarer have been slightly altered. The changes can be found at the official forums. There's only one item of note I'd like to bring up:

Power recovery from the Blade of Elendil/Improved Defensive Strike has been reduced.

This is obviously for captains. Honestly, the power recovery isn't that significant to begin with. It's hardly even a level 60 skill (average) worth. So reducing it doesn't seem necessary. If anything it should be increased. Unless it was first increased for Book 7 and now it's decreased again. I don't remember mention of it in the original patch notes though so...

This is really just a "whatever" item. It's not worth getting worked up over but it's one of those changes that doesn't seem to really mean anything. Part of me wonders if they can't be trying to fix some issues that actually need fixing ya know? Sorry to sound so cynical. I really love some of the changes in Book 7 but there are times where one should be critical, even of one's own favorite game.

Here, let's end on a happy note: I love the humor in these notes. I laughed out loud and the Boromir cloning.

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