Number Project Canceled

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looks like this project is not going to go forward as planned. Turns out those numbers are a cumulative count since the last server restart rather than the number of people currently logged in. I'm somewhat disappointed. I'm not sure what I can do with this type of data. It doesn't tell me when people are on the most, it doesn't tell me how many people are on in average. It doesn't tell me a relative health of the game. Frankly, they're rather useless. Project canceled.

However, if we're able to tap into this, why can't we see what I did want to see?

5 Responses to "Number Project Canceled"

stiley Says:

If they are numbers of unique players since last restart, then it should tell the number of active players pretty nicely. That is, number of people who have logged within a week (when taken just before next restart).

There's the big if of course.

Jaxom92 Says:

I don't believe they are unique. That is the same person can log in later and contribute to the total. Otherwise, yes, they would still be useful.

binkley Says:

Two questions --

1. Can you just keep a running diff to note as new players come on? That they are non-unique is helpful here since it will count a person each time they appear rather than only once the first them they appear.

2. Can you post how you got the data? What protocol, transport, etc.? If you are under NDA, etc., I understand, but I'd enjoy looking at the raw data myself.

Jaxom92 Says:

That's certainly possible. I can count the number of times people have logged into the server but that doesn't tell me much beyond how many times people have logged it. There's no way to judge how many people are on the server, or how healthy the server loads.

Here's the link for the information: http://status.warriorsofnargathrond.com/?numbers=yes

The LotRO Follower Says:

Agreed, if the site has access to those numbers, shouldn't they have access to the real-time numbers as well?