The Spring Festival is Here!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looks like it's time for another promotional event in the form of the Spring Festival. To commemorate the event Turbine has released a developer diary talking about the festival.

Each season has it's own festival with each of the four races in Middle-Earth having their own particularly activities and celebration. This year's notable activity is the hedge maze near the Breefields north of Bree. There are a few different activities you can do in the maze and all are quests repeatable, but with cooldowns. A couple of the notable ones is a dwarf who wants you to post confusing signs within the maze to... well, confuse people. I had to laugh at that one. Another one is a hobbit who wants you to round up some chickens that have gotten loose inside the maze. As a lover of hedge mazes, I had a blast doing all these quests. And there's a special title for those who complete all the quests.

Each quest will gift you with a hedge leaf that can be turned in for prizes at a nearby trader. For farmers there are three potted plants recipes you can get. Also included are some housing items, a cosmetic item, and two items you can use to slap people with. Yeah, I'm not joking. So, check out the Breeland hedge maze north of Bree!

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