Hands of Healing? Really?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've been doing the Hands of Healing level 58 Captain class quest and I've done a lot more killing with my hands than healing. The only non-aggressive task involved talking to some dwarves to raise their spirits. Would dwarves I've never talked to before really take a Man's words to heart and refocus their will on the task of reclaiming Moria? Perhaps if I arrived with a lump of mithril. Certain dwarves might then accuse me of theft and I'd be even less of a positive influence. Okay, I'm starting to wander here but my point is, I find it a bit odd that I'm doing more killing than healing for this quest chain. There's got to be a way to design some quests that involve healing. Perhaps even make an instance where if I attack a foe, I fail, and I must leave my NPC companions to do the attacking. I become the healer. Might require a bit better AI in case I aggro a mob or two. I wear heavy so I can absorb a bit of damage, but not indefinitely. Regardless of the justification in the quest text, I'm slightly disappointed in this rather bland set of quests.

2 Responses to "Hands of Healing? Really?"

arbitrary Says:

Wait till you get to the epic quest 'In Harm's Way'. Oh, how ironic they called it that and then released Book 7!

Jaxom92 Says:

I got there last night but didn't do it yet. The irony is definitely not lost on me. Most of the time I laugh at irony... this time I feel like crying. Not really, but you get my point.