Finding Joy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes I think I find more joy writing about LOTRO than I do playing it. Is this common amongst bloggers and other people who write about entertainment media? Or maybe people who write about anything? Perhaps it's an extension of the phenomenon of preferring to talk about what you do rather than doing it.

Sorry for the rather abstract philosophical post. I think I need to move into Lothlorien content now that Book 7 is out. I am definitely not a dwarf. I think I've had enough of Moria for a while. Give me open skies and beautiful landscapes. Honestly, this is one of the top reasons I fell in love with this game - the "natural" scenery. Carved rocks, even beautifully carved rocks, cannot sustain me - even to the point of adversely affecting my gameplay. Then again, sometimes we just need a bit of a change of pace, regardless of whatever it is we're doing. Lothlorien, here I come!

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