Quite the Non-LOTRO Weekend

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow, I sure had a lot going on IRL this weekend - so much so that not only did I not manage to get into LOTRO, but I hardly had time to sit down at the computer and check my e-mail, let alone blog. This is a LOTRO blog so I won't go into details but what I will do is make an update on where I'm at in the game.

I didn't make it to Lothlorien yet. I've been side tracked by my other method of reducing burn out - and that was play more with my kinship members. Last time I logged in it was mostly "hanging out" with them.

I've been camping the AH house as of late as well trying to complete my collection of the new soup recipes for the cooking profession. I got all the level 50+ recipes collected, working on lower levels. Hasn't been any for the Journeyman tier on the AH at all, and I have three or four total from Expert, Artisan, and Master tiers. I'd like to get these as soon as I can so I can update my cooking guide, which is woefully expired. My local version is more up-to-date than the one I linked but still... need those recipes.

Interested in getting a group together in my kinship to do my class quest (Hands of Healing) for the legendary trait, which is probably the only one I'd really use unless I was needed to tank. The last one, the Lead the Charge set, is fairly useless in my opinion. Got another 60 captain waiting on that quest too. Need to do a Fil Gashan run. Seems to be an unpopular instance with many of my kinmates so we'll see how far this gets any time soon. Might pug it when me and the other captain are around.

Lastly, I'm trying to get a local friend interested in the game. Been sending him screenshots lately and he says he's "really interested" but doesn't want to commit to a monthly fee and the lifetime membership is too expensive at the moment. I'm unemployed or I'd offer to pay it for him with him paying me back whenver he can. Oh well - his computer wouldn't let the game look nearly as nice as mine does - which would be a bit of a let down after the screen shots I've been sending him.

Oh, one more thing. Going to try and get FRAPS working one more time for LOTRO. I desperately want to create some video. Nasty out of memory crashes.

2 Responses to "Quite the Non-LOTRO Weekend"

The LotRO Follower Says:

Good luck with FRAPS. For me I get some nasty FPS issues when using it, usually I hover around 30 but it spikes down to the single digits in random places (and don't talk to me about populated areas).

Pretty sure the cure is some fast HDDs, I'm only using a 7200rpm one.

Jaxom92 Says:

I just bought a bigger hard drive with the intention of using that for the video dump. The game will be running off of the other hard drive so hopefully that'll clear things up. If not, the next step is to get a 64-bit version of Vista and increase my effective memory. The game crashes due to lack of memory when I run FRAPS. After that, it's more memory. All that fails, wait till Windows 7 comes out and see if that clears it up. Unfortunately there's a bit of spending money involved.