Revamped Starting Area Impressions

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today I rerolled an elf rune keeper I had sitting around from the start of Moria when I tried the class out (still enjoy the runekeeper quite a bit - if I ever played an alt, it would probably be her). I did this to see what the new starting instance quest progression was like after Book 7's revamp. I must say it's much, much better. The reason for why the quest givers are where they are is much more apparent and the progression is much smoother. I like the new quests and the way each one leads to the other. Some of them are the same but they're all very well written. I haven't tried the dwarf quests again but I hear those received less dramatic changes. Same with man and hobbit. Over all a good start. Apparently the progressions throughout Ered Luin have been reworked. I might consider taking my Runekeeper to level 15 or however long it takes to get through the quests in Ered Luin. So far so good. It's nice to see some attention paid to the other parts of the game besides the end-game. Heres to seeing an alternative zone progression from the Lone Lands and North Downs.

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