Comment Moderation

Friday, March 20, 2009

I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary but I had to turn on comment moderation due to comment spam. Of course the spammers get around the only registered accounts can post without word verification by using a registered account that is simply copy and pasted blog articles from other sources. Now comments will be passed through my e-mail before they're allowed. Not much difference on your end, but just thought I'd mention it if you do not see your comment show up right away.

7 Responses to "Comment Moderation"

Kairos Says:

Hmmm... I wonder if everyone else on LOTRO Combo has been hit?

Jaxom92 Says:

Good question. If it's a person that's doing it, chances are they found the combined blog feed and our blog rolls. Hopefully blogger responds quickly, although, probably like the gold sellers in game, there's little to keep them from using another blog to do the same thing.

manorton aka Paravel Says:

I have learned a long time ago to turn on registered blog comments and use a plugin for wordpress that will help filter out spam.

Sadly is is a very popular way for sites to drum up pageviews.

Most "real" commentors will not mind having to be logged in or fill out CAPTHA to leave a comment. Its a part of the culture now.

Anonymous Says:

Yeah, I got hit at LOTROCast this morning. I'm doing the same thing and seeing if anyone else got hit.

I deleted the comment pretty quick, but not before I had a quick lol about the fact that they were telling me that they sold to best LOTRO gold with the fastest WoW delivery.

Silly gold farmers.

Anonymous Says:

You buy much gold from us and we love you long time. Also, we throw in four eggrolls too. Thank you for our greatness service appreciated.

(Sorry Jax, I couldn't resist)

Jaxom92 Says:

Quite alright. Funny!

Kairos Says:

Wednesday 25 March, still getting hit on average once a day by the same s.o.b. who's trying to flog WoW gold to LOTRO players. What really puzzles me is why they bother; I mean, does anybody at all in the entire known universe ever respond to this kind of idiocy?