Revisiting Angmar

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have a ton of quests in Angmar. I have more active quests there than I do in Moria (although that's probably because I've been completing my Moria quests). Unfortunately, all these are fellowship or small fellowship quests. Still, I'm level 60 and the highest is a level 49 quest full fellowship quest. After completing the 2.3.9 session play instance (which was awesome, by the way) I decided I needed to get out of the gloom of Moria. So where do I go? The gloom of Angmar. Figures huh? Well, I really want to clear out some of these gray quests but I love to see any and all content/storylines. So off I go. Of course, I forgot most of what was going on so I took the time to review the quest lines as best as I could.

I went three for three on killing master elites for quests. First was Bloodwing on the western side of Angmar. Two adds came in but I managed to down Bloodwing and run for it, barly making it with 198 morale left. The next was an elite master Angmarim up in one of the towns there on the westertn side of Angmar. Don't remember the name off hand now but there were two other elite Angmarim next to him so I had to kill those two than run away letting my elite master reset. Then I ran back and killed him with the other two out of the way. Finally was the Silk Lady north of the Malenhead swamp (or however that's spelled). She was a pain because as soon as I hit her 6 spiders came out of nowhere to attack me. Thank goodness they were normal or I'd've been dead. But I managed to kill them all, and with my on-death skills, kept myself alive. Between Revealing Mark and my HOT on Muster Courage, I managed to stay alive. She seemed to have trouble hitting me. And having her summon spiders in the middle of the battle actually helped where I could use my on-death skills again, notably Rallying Cry and heal myself.

Then I went into the caves in Northern Malenhead. And died. Too many elite worms. Oh well, I knew my luck couldn't last. I'll be going through more of it later tonight or tomorrow, clearing as many as I can. At some point I'll bug one of my kinmates, probably a champoin for the dps and armor, to help me.

I'm still going to look at the new starter zones at soon. I did enable the quest tracker today, which apparently is a "beta" feature. Honestly, I think that just means they have too many bugs in it to justify a "full release" but didn't want to yank the feature after much hype. I like it. Sure, some might see it as easier, but when I was running through Angmar and hadn't done the quests in ages, it really helped to remember where things were at. And you don't need to use the feature, so I think it fits the best of both worlds. And really, doing quests by finding the locations "the hard way" is simply a matter of personal pride, not really affecting gameplay or "gimping" the players that use the tracker. So, kudos to those of you who continue to find quests the old way. I don't really have qualms about using the tracker. I still have to fight the same mobs, and I still get my story fix, which is one of the big reasons I play this game.

4 Responses to "Revisiting Angmar"

Anonymous Says:

Some of my buddies went back and knocked out some of the Angmar quests a couple of weeks ago. I still need to do my level 50 class quest, completed the part in Urugarth but still need the part from Carn Dum. Yuck, it's hard to get groups for that place.

Jaxom92 Says:

Especially now that much of the player base has moved on. They are also pretty long runs and getting groups to do one or the other, not to mention both, was hard when they were the end game content. I think the easiest way would be if one has a kinship that well supports their players getting older content done. It's hard though with these types of games when the level cap increases and content goes by the wayside. Good topic for a post in and of itself.

Thallian Says:

Groups being hard to get is an issue. I still like Angmar though because it gives us an "evil" place to go fight evil instead of just good places that have been corrupted, I also like ti because it brings a little bit of Mordor and brings its menaces closer to the doorstep of western civilization.

Jaxom92 Says:

I've struggled for a long time to like Angmar. I don't think I've ever succeeded. I've always chalked this up to excellent world design - your supposed to hate the evil place. Nothing mechanical-wise strikes me as bad though. But coming back when I don't have to worry about aggro and just get stuff done, it's growing a bit on me. Or at least it doesn't seem so bad. The depression of the place is less compounded I think.

But I totally agree with you about a taste of Mordor. That is a place I'll LOVE to hate.