Book 7 Impressions?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm one of those types of adventurers that kinda takes things in stride. Yesterday was the first time I emerged from Moria's eastern portal. And then I logged because I needed to get some housework done. Unfortunately, I later got distracted and didn't log back in again. And the screenshots I took kinda sucked so I'll re do those shortly. Anyhow, I'm fairly slow at moving my way through Middle-Earth. The Moria content isn't close to being finished, I still have quite a bit of Shadows of Angmar content I never got to. I haven't touched Lothlorien yet and will probably do so later than most of you.

That's not to say there's a lack of Book 7 impressions out there. If you subscribe to the combined LOTRO blog feed, linked on my sidebar, you'll get a good dose of Book 7 impressions and more to come I'm sure. Kill Ten Rats has a couple of observations that are worth reading as well. Lothlorien appears to be a fairly peaceful place, a zone of respite after the long dark of Moria. I think that's a wonderful change to what we experienced in Moria and holds very true to the books. Judging by the impressions of Lothlorien so far, I think Turbine might have nailed it. I'll have to see for myself, of course...

And over the next few days I should be making some observations about some of the other Book 7 content, namely the crafting instances, the quest tracker system, and the the starter zone content revamp. The rest will have to wait until I get myself out to Lothlorien, but like I said, I like to take my time absorbing the content. No need to rush.

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