Hunter Nerfs

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If I thought the captains were complaining about In Harms Way, then I hadn't seen the Hunter boards. Looks like they're getting a "nerf" worse than us. I won't alter my argument about the changes in Book 7: wait and see how it plays out in test and release. Turbine is not adverse to reversing changes. All the complaining now, in my mind, is a little premature. Discussion of how it might affect your class, sure. That's what I did with my In Harm's Way post. Test it, report, repeat.

If there's truly a problem, then I suppose you do have a right to complain. However, the more wisely spent energy would be to objectively and calmly point out the problems, and even suggest a fix. The developers find that type of feed back, with your testing numbers etc, much more valuable than a hot head blowing up the second he reads the patch notes.

I'm not calling the hunters hot-heads. That would be an unfair generalization. There are quite a few hunters in my kinship, all of whom, as far as I can tell, are wonderful people. But, there are those, in all classes, that, if they really want it changed, should focus their wrath into testing on Bullroarer. That's why the server exists and exactly what Turbine wants you to do.

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arbitrary Says:

All the hunters in my kin are hotheads (but none of them are complaining yet!)