Regarding Leveling Changes

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I said yesterday that I had mixed feelings about the leveling curve change - that it shouldn't go too far. The following quote from MadeOfLions, a developer, gives me more hope that it's not simply trying to push players to the level cap, but improve the experience in the lower levels. That's the key - supporting the lower level content.

"I think I'd try and change the perception that many of these fixes contribute to a 'dumbing down' of the game as a whole. Most everyone who posts on the forums is an expert at LOTRO, battle-hardened and familiar. Tightening up the levelling process and quest flow at lower levels to make the experience more accessible for new players is not 'dumbing down' the content. It's taking nearly two years of feedback from you guys, the experts, and trying to welcome new players to the game by making use of those lessons.

There is and still will be very, very difficult content in LOTRO. I look forward to seeing how long it takes a Fellowship to complete the Legendary Sentinel's Challenge for 'The Battle of Lorien,' on its way in Book 7, for instance."

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