The Road Goes Ever On

Friday, March 27, 2009

Always vigilant when it comes to the LOTRO blogging front I've ran across a LOTRO blog that promises to be a bit different. Rather than focus on the news of the game, The Road Goes Ever On is going to look at the narrative of the book as seen within the game world through commentary, excepts, and screenshots. It sounds like this blog might be the one to watch if your a fan of Lord of the Rings and of the game - and to point your fellow LotR, but not LOTRO, friends at.

Like all my fellow LOTRO bloggers, I wish the newest the best of luck. It's easy to start a blog. It's hard to keep it going.

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The Road Goes Ever On Says:

Thanks for the welcome! :)

I have high hopes for TRGEO. I hope I can sustain it and I hope there's some interest. We will see!