Most Populous Servers?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh that never-ending-won't-go-away topic. Why do I even bring it up? Well, those of you who play LOTRO will know that three servers are being put on daily maintenance schedules due to a "memory issue". Don't know what kind of issue, but it's because they're the most populous servers. the three are... drum roll... Brandywine, Landroval, and Elendilmir! Congratulations, you're too fat and now you've broken something! Er...

I think we all knew Brandywine was the most populous. Landroval surprises me, actually, but then again, with this IP, its certainly possible we have a large RP community (don't do it myself so I don't know) that infuses the unofficial RP server with life. And then there's my home, Elendilmir. Being most populous means very little, except in this case where it's a bit of a nuisance. So, in a completely illogical way, I'm proud. Then again, maybe not so much. If we're having growing pains (could be what these issues are, or something just broke - computer things do that from time to time) then that's a good thing in my eyes. More people means more money. More money means more resources. More resources means more game. Yay!

Sounds like they have a fix in the works, so that's good to hear. Minor annoyance for knowing that LOTRO is doing well.

2 Responses to "Most Populous Servers?"

tony Says:


This shows how many people are playing online at any given time on each server. I have no idea how accurate this is, but it seems reasonable.

At this point the 3 servers that went down are much lower than the others, which are each hovering over at 20,000 people online right now.

This isn't a busy time though. Several times I've looked at this and Brandywine has been over 100,000 and the others are somewhere between that and 50,000.

IF this is accurate the game is doing better than I think a lot may realize.

Jaxom92 Says:

Thanks for that link. While we don't get subscriptions, we can make some pretty good suppositions with active players. I'm probably going to compile some figures from this for a future post on the subject.