Sunday Progress Report

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So I made Friend status with the Galadrim and gained entry to Caras Galadhron. There's are some really fun quests in this area. They're not necessarily innovative in terms of design, but the writers for LOTRO really shine here. I mean, I'm chasing a shrew all over the place trying to get Pippin's pipeweed back! That's just funny!

Okay, I finished all the non-repeatable quests in Lothlorien as far as I can tell. I'm going to finish the deeds up in the next few days since there are so few. The last bit would be to gain kindred status with these elves, which will be a bit of a pain since the quests are pretty spread out. Speaking of kindred, I made kindred with the Moria Guards today, and bought my epic book for the legendary trait. I don't know why. I'm probably never going to use that one. As a captain, though I love to have as many options as I can - I am a utility class after all. Should there ever be a situation where there are more than one captain in a group it's good to be able to trait for something else and give the fellowship an even greater advantage.

Now, onto some screenshots. Probably the last ones from Lothlorien. Hard to trump Caras Galadhon and the Lord and Lady of the Golden Woods no?

Covered Walk
Fellowship Pavilion with Aragorn
Flets at Night
Galadriel's Garden
Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn
The Mirror of Galadriel

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