Dev Response

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I posted in a forum thread the other day, thought I'd bring it up here. The discussion revolves around world building and the methods and motivations behind the direction world building has gone in the game. I'm very much interested in world building, as a writer, as a highly imaginative person, and many of my topics here reflect that. It's always a joy to get a direct developer response to one of your questions. So check out the thread, join the discussion, voice your opinion. I'll be collecting my thoughts over the next few days and put together something a little more concrete than this pointer post.

2 Responses to "Dev Response"

unwize Says:

Scenario is one of the better devs for responding to feedback, and is one of the few that has the stomach to cross the pond from time to time!

Green Armadillo Says:

They nerfed the Old Forest? That's unfortunate. I remember making a point of not going in there during the in-game day because I would get lost if it were night out - quite literally the advice the Hobbits were given before their run-in with Old Man Willow.

As to your dev question, I can see both sides of it. Nothing was quite so disappointing in game as getting to the end of the main story arc in Evendim a few months after the majority of the players on my server had leveled past it and not being able to get a group for the final instance. Between the lengthy prerequisites and the fact that the quest sits at the top end of the zone's level range, anyone who actually needed the instance had probably already left the zone for exp elsewhere.

Possible, and even easy to "work around"? Sure. A huge disappointment for a questline that I spent a large amount of time working on and never got to finish? Absolutely.