Massively Book 8 Dev Tour

Friday, May 29, 2009

This is a dev tour of screenshots, and it's great to get a look at some of the stuff in Book 8. There's a couple interesting 3-man instances being added, which sound quite tough actually. Giant pistons you have to avoid or you'll end up a freep pancake. Wow... I like the puzzle element of these too. Not sure how much of this book I'll actually be participating in but we'll see. I think I might just be looking more forward to the continued balancing this book provides, moreso than the new content. I've said this before, but I have trouble sitting for hours on end completely ignoring the outside world when I'm so focused on an instance I'm running. Still, there are many players that run the instances and will enjoy the update. I don't think it'll last them as long as the next update will take, but that's to be expected. No game updates fast enough for some of the playerbase to continually find content. Nature of the beast.

2 Responses to "Massively Book 8 Dev Tour"

Thallian Says:

true dat. I'm looking forward to it more now that you mention 3 mans. I liked those a lot.

Yeebo Says:

Wow, that looks like a great spread of content. Three mans, a six man, and our first real post MoM raid. I also think that inviting the DDO devs to help them freshen their designs was a great idea. The instances look like they will have a distinct feel from those of launch MoM.