New Blogs

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Always looking to expand the LOTRO blogging community, I have three new blogs to talk about today.

The first is called Epic Book. Started just this month, the author(s) of epic book have proven to have a wonderful sense of humor and style to the writing. I'm greatly looking forward to reading more from this blog. I hope you all will be as well after you read the excellent kinship post.

The second blog is called Mucho Mango. This one was started at the beginning of the year. Primarily talking about LOTRO, Mucho Mango is not adverse to delving into more general MMO topics. As such you'll see their blog in the "Other Adventurers" section. Please don't take that for a lack of quality LOTRO content. I'll definitely be perusing the older entries now that I've found this blog. Good stuff here.

Lastly is something a little bit different. This blog is called The Low Perspective and is essentially a Hobbit story blog. I think they nailed the hobbit quaintness in the tone of the writing. If you love all things Hobbit, be sure to check this one out.

I wish the best of luck to all three of these authors in their new and not so new blogs.

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