Floon Doesn't Mess Around

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Okay, so Kill Ten Rats beat me to the punch on this one, but I swear I was thinking about this post yesterday when I saw the forum topic. You can check out the KTR post for their valid critiques, but I'd like to go a bit further and maybe add a different perspective. It seems like floon has a particular style on the forums, one which I call "Don't mess!" That is, he lays it down straight. There's no beating around the bush about what his opinion is. He doesn't baby the people he's responding to. No nonsense.

But guess what... that will offend people. And I have seen people respond to some of his posts with, "I am offended". However, I have never seen a response from floon that dismissed a valid argument politiely delivered. If he was of opposite opinion, he would take apart the argument, sure, but that's different. What we see with this post in particular is that he's responding to somebody who's whining. If they had constructed an argument rather than a demand (the three "pleases" only reinforce the whining tone) I bet the response would have been different.

Just because we have a developer out there that doesn't take any crap doesn't mean he's angry, mean, out to get you. Yeah, it might offend you, but ya know what? Maybe you should be offended every once and a while. And I'll stop here before I dive off the cliff into a political discussion.

2 Responses to "Floon Doesn't Mess Around"

Thallian Says:

I am offended. Not always, but often. (jk)

Llokki Says:

I agree. As I commented on KTR, give me a snarky human response over generic CSR spam any day. I've never read any of Floon's posts before, but after reading this thread I immediately took a liking to him.