Living in Middle-Earth

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've posted a few times now about how LOTRO has begun to feel less and less like a world of Middle-Earth and more like a game as I become more focused on the consumption of content rather than the building of the world. In other words, the magic has worn off. That's to be expected. To reinvigorate the idea, there's a wonderful thread on the forums asking "If you could choose to live in Middle-Earth..." The question asks for where, what race, and what profession and/or class, putting in the context of the "real" Middle-Earth.

Myself, I'd be a man living in Minas Tirith, preferably after the War of the Ring and under Aragorn's benevolent rule. I'd like to be a librarian, historian, and scholar. Such a profession would probably present opportunity for travel as well.

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