Loth Shot

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've been doing some quests in Lothlorien recently. Taking it slow, enjoying the scenery. It's supposed to be a relaxing location, so why try and hurry and do all the quests? No, I'll bide my time and savor the moment. And there are some great moments in Lothlorien. Yeah, the distance impostors are borked, but it's still beautiful. Such as this night-time shot of the sky and the trees, one with a flet where Legolas and Gimli wait. And a short distance from where I was standing, so did Frodo and Sam. Good to see the gang have made it through Moria (like I didn't already know). These are the moments in the game I treasure the most, where suddenly Middle-Earth the world comes rushing back into overwhelm Middle-Earth the game. I live for these, when I can forget about grinding IXP or deeds, or even quests. The more I think about it, the more I believe I would have enjoyed a less structured Middle-Earth. But enough lamenting what did not happen. Celebrate the quality of what we do!

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Westnovote Says:

I was actually in Lorien last night as well, didn't see you there. ;)
I must say that I also welcome the return to the story of Frodo, I have missed it in Moria.
I had a 'moment' last night when I emerged from the Lorien Auction Hall to the dawn over the Golden Wood, stunning. Made me stop right where I was and just smile.