Blogging Lull

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wow, is it Thursday already? And I haven't posted since Monday? Something is terribly, terribly wrong. Or is it?

Honestly, this week has seen more LOTRO playing that the past few weeks, and I've enjoyed myself in game a lot more this week than I have in past weeks. And yet I've said nothing. I think that's because I'd rather post something thought provoking than "I did such and such today and it was fun." That's kinda boring. So is silence, but at least I'm not diluting my blogging quality any.

I will say I helped out with groups most of this week. I mentioned the Carn Dum run Monday but I also helped some folks in my kin and some pick-up players with Book 14. I had hoped to get Book 15 done finally yesterday, but the planned group never showed up. Oh well.

I think the lull in blogging is a factor of a couple things. First, the weather is getting better so more of us are spending time away from the computer. As an example, I'm going on a hike today. Second, the Book 7 patch is done and Book 8 isn't close enough to say any more than we already have. Repeating oneself isn't particularly stimulating either.

So, it's not that I've run out of passion, or that I've stopped playing LOTRO completely. There's just only so much one can say before it becomes monotonous. Happy adventuring!

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