Monday, May 11, 2009

I posted an evaluation about the Mines of Moria last month, having completed most of the Moria content. I think I ran a bit negative despite overall positive impressions of the expansion. Zubon posts over at Kill Ten Rats a Moria retrospective, being generally negative. So, did Moria really screw up a good game? It might have, it might not. We're in the tumultuous teen years of LOTRO. We learned to crawl, then walk. We were happy. Then came the hormones and things got a little rattled. With the next expansion, let's call it the twenty something. Should be good as Turbine finds its stride. Hopefully it'll see less bugs and better designed content.

I'm an optimistic person. I still think Turbine has an excellent record with this game. The upcoming additions such as scalable content seems to be a positive move. No, I don't think Moria was a bad expansion, and despite general negativity, from myself included, the game is going strong. A lot of us have just hit that burn out point I think, and burn out, like any sort of frustration, is a petri dish for negative thoughts.

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Anonymous Says:

I dunnno...I generally remember that the point of a critique is to point out the negatives, to be honest. If you don't, you just spend your time saying "it's a great game!" over and over and over. People tend to hilight the negatives just because they are moe obvious. Positive things you just totally take for granted...you may not even notice them.