Interview with Patience

Friday, May 22, 2009

The resident community manager over at LOTRO, Patience has to live up to her name on a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis. An unforgiving job and one which I don't think I could ever accomplish with as much enthusiasm as her. ZAM.com has an interview with her from the recent LOGIN Conference in Seattle, WA (Hey, that's home!). Anyhow, some nice talk about all three Turbine games, but I'd like to bring up a couple things said regarding LOTRO:

"We're working on making MyLOTRO, the new social network we created, much more connected to the outside world, so you can hook up your MyLOTRO page with, say, Twitter, and tweet whenever your character levels or you post a new blog entry."

I like the idea of connecting the players to the game outside of the game itself. This blog is a primitive (relatively speaking) means of doing just that and I wholeheartedly encourage innovation on this front. I like the idea of linking it with twitter and I'll be investigating that in regard to this blog. I already have a personal twitter account, but I'd love to make a Middle-Earth Adventurer twitter account to update with the blog as well as activities I complete in-game.

"Definitely, because you could do, for example, Rohan in an expansion - that's a huge area. Or Minas Tirith! That also brings up new mechanics you know, you'd have to ask "are we going to have mounted combat?" Well, when we go to Rohan, it makes sense. No promises, of course."

I didn't post the question, but you can get the gist of it here. The fact that she refers to Rohan as an example, despite the disclaimer at the end, really makes me think Rohan is the next expansion, especially with all the other information we're getting and where the current game is positioned. Mounted combat would be a really neat big mechanic to add - quite a draw for new and returning players.

"Later this year we go into Southern Mirkwood, to the city of Dol Guldur and we'll be increasing the level cap, which is big news for our level 60 players!"

Okay, I posted a little while back about a level cap increase outside of an expansion. Patience didn't say that here, but I actually give it more than a negligible chance of happening. We'll have to see.

All around good interview. The sushi gimmick was amusing.

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