Destiny Points

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Destiny Points, at least on the side of the Freeps (normal players, versus the creeps, which are monster players), is a rarely used system. Perhaps that's because people aren't aware of what destiny points are all about. To remedy this, Turbine has released an official article talking about destiny points, from how you earn them to how you spend them.

My opinion on why freeps don't use destiny points? Well, despite the argument that any buff is a good buff, I honestly don't think the bonuses gained from spending destiny points are worth it. Save them for your creeps, if you're inclined to play PvMP. If not, well, I suppose you could spend them on the free buffs since there's no other place to spend them. Me? I ignore them. I supose that speaks to a problem.

5 Responses to "Destiny Points"

Kairos Says:

It used to be the only place to get destiny points was, effectively, the Ettenmoors. However, they are now also available - and in large quantities - as a part-reward for very many of the tougher Moria quests.

The main use for DPs is as a boost to your hope/radiance, specifically before starting a particularly tough boss fight. The are also useful for dispelling dread after a rez, assuming you can't get a Minstrel to do it for you.

Jaxom92 Says:

Perhaps I've overlooked a couple things when it comes to DP?

Green Armadillo Says:

I think the only time I really dug into destiny points back in 2007 was on the rare occasion where I ran out of rested exp. Having the available destiny to do this was a great little perk to Monster play.

(At the time, my progress on my creep was far more dependent on the possible rate of infamy gain than on my ability to earn destiny points - I was literally earning destiny faster than I could spend it.)

jdw Says:

My warden is level 53 now. I've never spent a single destiny point. If, like Kairos says, they're mainly used as a boost to radiance before tough boss fights, I can understand why, given that I'm a "casual" player.

Still, I do think that's a problem. Why give destiny points to everyone if it's only a select few who use them? It's not a particularly good player reward if the player just doesn't give a damn.

Yeebo Says:

I can never bring myself to spend destiny on a Freep. I can get a temporary boost to a freep, or a permanent boost to a creep. Even if I'm stuck because of inf on one creep, I can always give another class I feel like taking for a spin a nice little starting boost.