Potential Delays and New Frontiers

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm talking about two issues in this topic, simply because I want to conserve space and both of them won't produce a lot of commentary. First up is the idea of potential delays to an expansion and level cap raise this year, presumably in November.

Pearls of Unwisdom
has an excellent post about this and makes a very good case for why we shouldn't be surprised if we do see a delay in the expansion. I think too much is read into the Steefel comment quoted but other than that, the post is right on. Seeing the recent slippage in the planned release of some content, I do worry about a big slippage of the next expansion into early 2010. It's a possibility but not one I'm willing to bet on yet. Turbine has done an excellent job so far, barring the recent problems. Like I said in a previous post, I think we're in the tumultuous teens part of LOTRO right now. It'll smooth over.

The second topic is the recent screenshots of a survey that asked about a LOTRO on the XBox360. I ignored this for the most part because I have participated in similar surveys in the past where game concepts were given to me that ultimately led to similar, but not exact fruition. LOTRO is used as a placeholder name for those surveys. It presents the idea of a Turbine MMO on the consoles. Because of the IP associated with LOTRO, it's not the best analog, but it works well enough. My opinion of the matter has not changed.

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Tony Says:

The "placeholder" concept is on the mark to me and that's how I've taken it...

It's kind of like, we can refer to a game you've heard of with a license you're likely familiar with and base our questions on that... or we can make up a new game, hope you're interested in it in the first place and then somehow explain it enough so you can understand what we're trying to do.

The second one is just so much work, lol