Hero's Guide to Forochel

Friday, May 1, 2009

The next addition to the Hero's Guide series has been released today, this time covering Forochel. I thought they had already done one for Forochel, but apparently not. I always find these read pretty well, particularly this one. I think that's because Turbine had the opportunity to create a fair bit of lore themselves for Forochel, being barely referenced in the canon.

As to the zone itself, I found it to be a pleasant diversion from the sylvan landscape of much of the rest of Middle-Earth. Moria was a similar diversion, but more intense. Where I enjoyed the transition from ice and snow to green grass and back again, emerging into Lothlorien felt like I was once again alive. It's a testament to Turbine's design team and artists that their worlds can evoke emotional and sometimes physical responses in their players. Forochel is no exception - when I quest there I actually feel cold. Good place to go in the heat of the summer months. Do enjoy this extra lore on Forochel.

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