How to Pay for Your MoM

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Depends on how much the judge set bail for. Er... wrong mom. (No, my mom didn't really go to jail.)

Turns out there are three separate packages that will deliver you the Mines of Moria when November 18th arrives. First off, all in-store boxes of MoM come with Shadows of Angmar as well. So you new customers won't have to shell out 70 bucks to get everything. Just 50.

The other factor is this triple dipping I alluded to. The first package is the standard box. Turbine is calling it the "Complete Edition." It comes with:

  • 30-day free game time
  • 2 in-game tokens
  • Quick reference card
  • Product key card
  • 3 14-day free trial buddy keys
  • Starter guide
  • PDF version of the manual
  • Mines of Moria poster
  • Middle-Earth map

The Collector's Edition comes with the following:

  • Unique premium book packaging
  • 3 in-game tokens
  • 22" x 22" premium cloth map of Moria
  • Special gold-plated replica of the One Ring complete with chain and pouch
  • Mines of Moria poster
  • Middle-Earth map
  • Lord of the Rings Online Art and Music Collection with the official Mines of Moria soundtrack
  • Online community badge for the LOTRO forums

To further complicate things, each of these two boxes can be pre-ordered for special benefits:

  • Special pricing of $9.99 per month or $199 lifetime subscription
  • Special soundtrack CD
  • 1 in-game token
  • 1 in-game item: Mines of Moria Cloak
  • 1 in-game title: Mines of Moria Expeditionary

Then there's the upgrade early offer for existing subscribers which nets you the following:

  • Special pricing of $9.99 per month or $199 lifetime subscription
  • 1 in-game item: Mines of Moria Cloak
  • 1 in-game title: Mines of Moria Expeditionary
  • 3 in-game tokens
  • Middle-Earth map in PDF
  • Starter Guide in PDF
  • Manual in PDF

The prices for the three editions:

  • $29.99 for the Early Upgrade
  • $49.99 for the Complete Edition
  • $89.99 for the Collector's Edition

Now... where do I begin. First, why does it have to be so bloody complicated? I'm still not sure I completely understand how it's supposed to work. I pre-ordered the collector's edition from my local GameStop (because I'm such a fan I've lost all sense of prudent spending) but I did not receive any of the pre-order specific benefits yet. No soundtrack CD, no key to put in to get my in-game item, token, and title. Maybe that comes with the box on the 18th. I'll have to give them a call to clarify how that works. Hopefully GameStop didn't screw it up.

Second is a note about those in-game tokens. They can be turned in at a special vendor for in-game items. Turbine has been mum about what those items might be, and I have no clue where the vendor might be. Probably a few of them in choice locations like Thorin's Hall, Bree, and Rivendell. Possibly Michael Delving, but the Hobbits seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to these special vendors.

Third, it's pretty cool they're offering the special pricing once again. I went with a life-time membership when I bought Shadows of Angmar and I can't be any more pleased. I spent a considerable time worrying more about my college course work than I did about anything in the game - there were months that I didn't log-in for more than a couple minutes just to check on my house upkeep or in-game mail. To me, the lifetime subscription was well worth the money because I didn't have to worry about getting my "money's worth." Simply knowing I would be playing this far down the road already gave me that "peace of mind." It's really a great offer Turbine! Thanks!

Fourth, is it really worth an extra 40 bucks for the Collector's Edition over the Complete edition, or an extra 60 compared to the Early Upgrade? I'm already a subscriber, so this Early Upgrade thing is targeted to me. Then again, the Collector's Edition is as well - for the hardcore fans. I guess I'm one of those, because I bought it. Still, is what you get worth it? To me, it's a personal badge of honor. I'm saying to myself, I love this game, I appreciate the work Turbine has put into it, I want all the goodies I can get out of it. The cloth map and the replica One Ring are the two items that most interest me. I'm curious to how well crafted the latter is. Being a fan of the movie adaptation of LOTR, and with a particular appreciation for the character of Aragorn, I have both Anduril as well as the Elven knife given to him by Celeborn. Created by United Cutlery, they're well crafted replicas. I have to wonder if a One Ring purchased through a game is really going to compare. Then I have to say to myself - "you bought it through a game you dolt!" and just realize it's still bloody cool.

Lastly, if you want to see all this stuff for yourself, check out it out here.

I'm looking forward to the 18th for sure... when I pick up my big box and delve into Moria. Happy adventuring!

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