Middle-Earth the Beautiful

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes there are moments in this game where you just have to stop and admire the scenery. I'm a junkie for nature photography. Love to take it, love to look at it. One of my favorite things about this game is you'll frequently be minding your own business and WHAM! something amazingly beautiful pops up on your screen. Thank goodness for the print screen button!

I was out grinding Kergrim and Limrafn for the slayer deeds in Evendim today when I stumbled upon a bit of that zone I hadn't seen before. And wouldn't you know, the sun was just rising, the moon just setting, and Annuminas sparkled in all its crisp morning glory.

And a few weeks ago me and a kinmate were working on the epic quest line. I don't remember the book, but it required you to look in a particular direction from Weathertop. We were in the Northdowns at the time so I decided, let's ride through Kingsfell, around Nen Harn (the lake in Northern Breeland) and up the back side of the Weather Hills. Low and behold out popped Weathertop in all its warm sunset splendor.

May Middle-Earth's beauty bless your adventuring!

2 Responses to "Middle-Earth the Beautiful"

Stephen Says:

Nice shots! I'd love to see any more you might have. There's nothing prettier than a grand Middle Earth vista. Well, except for my girlfriend. ;-)

Jaxom92 Says:

At the moment, I don't have many screen shots. I dumped all the ones from before I upgraded my computer, because they weren't as "good looking". I'm in the process of re-accumulating them, and will be sure to post them when I get them.