Life After 50

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No, this hasn't suddenly turned into a mid-life crisis advice blog. What I'm talking about is the level cap in LOTRO. Of course, after Mines of Moria (affectionately called MoM) comes out, you'll be able to advance another 10 levels to 60. That doesn't just mean there will be the satisfying blue numbers floating above your head after a mob kill or quest turn in again. Or that you'll hear the lovely "woosh" signifying level gain. (I must say I love how it's subtle. Sometimes I don't even noticed I gained a level.)

But what the heck do you do after 50, aside from visiting Moria and Lothlorien, or work on your legendary items, or level up your crafting to the next tier, or... well, actually, there's quite a bit to do. Still, Turbine has released a series of dev diaries explaining "life after 50", as Massively puts it, for each class. So far we have the burgler, hunter, lore-master, champion, minstrel, and rune keeper. That leaves the guardian, warden, and captain left. The links below will take you to the individual articles pertaining to each class. What sucks for me is that, and it seems to happen often, the captain is left for near last. (More on my experiences with a captain in later posts.)


In case you were wondering why I linked all these to the European site rather than the US (I'm from the US, by the way) is that when Turbine redesigned their site for the new Moria theme, the broke all the old articles, so many of the dev diaries have gone poof on the official site. That's a bummer, but thank goodness for Europe's site. You guys rock.

Edit: Looks like the links were only broke from other sites. They just changed the addresses, but you can still find the dev diaries on the US website.

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