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Monday, October 13, 2008

I have set up a link list and a blog roll here for your convenience. Most of the links are LOTRO specific, with a couple exceptions. The blog roll, as alluded to in my intro post, does not currently include any LOTRO blogs. However, there are three included that I highly recommend. I will probably be adding to this roll as time goes on and I find new blogs I like.

I'd like to specifically call attention to a couple of the links...

First is Visions of the Ring. This is an excellent fan site for one specific feature. The author (Hayoo) has created a flash speculative expansion map which really does an excellent job of detailing the world land additions to the game so far and where he'd like to see the game go. I disagree with some of the directions and time frame, and might bring that up in a specific post, but for now, an excellent site to stop by at.

The second is MEHQ's dynamic map. The main site has been offline for some time, but the dynamic map is regularly updated for accuracy improvements as well as game updates. Defitely check that out if you're having trouble finding a quest NPC, mob, location, etc.

Third is the offical LOTRO Lorebook. This is a wiki put together by Turbine so they and the players can create an extensive database of anything and everything having to do with the game. It's continually growing and, while still in beta, is already quite useful.

Lastly I'd like to call out RingCast, the only regularly updated LOTRO specific podcast I have found. Hosted by Lady Sinaea, she runs through the latest news and gives her commentary on what's going on in LOTRO. Not updated nearly as often as I would like, but hey, it's quality work.

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