Changing Combat

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Mines of Moria expansion represents a major overhaul to the combat system. With a finite percentage system, if upgrades continued at the present rate, players would see 100% damage mitigation with still more room to grow in the game. As such, Turbine needed to revamp their system in order to allow for an extended life of the game.

Check out the official dev diary.

It sounds somewhat complicated, and it is more so than our current system. I for one will need to actually try out the combat, and have everything in front of me before I'll truely have a working understanding of it. I can conceptually comprehend what and why they did what they did, but there's no substitute for getting out into the field and giving it a go.

And, as always is the case with forums, there are unhappy people. Unhappy about class changes, unhappy about combat changes, unhappy about riding a furry goat. Unhappy, unhappy, unhappy. Sometimes I wonder if the word unhappy is synonymous with the phrase "dedicated forum poster". Then I have to remember we still have an on the whole awesome community that puts things like crafting guides and class guides up.

Such is life - I will be reserving judgement until after I play. And something tells me, just like the complaints for Shadows of Angmar systems, I'll adapt and still enjoy what I have before me.

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