Words of Warden

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lamenting the fact that there's not been any dev diary love for the Warden class yet? Well, wait no longer. Fresh off the presses today Turbine has released a Warden dev diary.

The gambit system seems pretty cool. I was much more excited about the Rune-Keeper's attunement system more than the Warden, but now that I know more about the warden, it sounds like a pretty compelling class in and of itself.

Unfortunately, I'm a pretty monogamous player. I have a hunter alt and a guardian alt for mainly crafting purposes, but I don't even level my crafting on them very much. So, I probably won't play any of the new classes beyond level 10 or 15 (like my other alts). Just enough to get a feel for them. Still, they both seem to add a new and interesting mechanic and play style to the mix. Makes me lament the relatively straight-forward-ness of the hunter and champion.

Be sure to check out the diary!

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