Legendary Items

Friday, October 17, 2008

This new system in Moria has to be the one I'm most looking forward to, even perhaps over seeing Moria itself. Creating a system that reflects the legendary nature of certain weapons in Middle-Earth almost helps ground the player in this space moreso than many of the landmarks open to our exploration.

The system basically allows you to customize your weapon through runes that are slotted in or on the weapon. From there, these runes give the weapon certain bonuses. We already have weapons with bonuses, but the ability to tailor them to your specific needs as a class and player is invaluable. It also offers another avenue to character advancement beyond simple leveling. Turbine has stressed they want this system to be soloable. I can certainly agree that leveling and wielding a legendary weapon should be soloable. I mean, these weapons are unique to the player, so what better fit then to allow that player to undertake the mission of acquiring and improving the blade.

However, I doubt that the highest "level" runes will be easy to gather solo - a group will probably make it easier. I'm not going to launch into a commentary on solo versus group play at this time except to say I think there's a good balance so far, and the legendary system will compliment that.

If you want more info on these, Turbine posted an article about Legendary items on their website. Check it out!

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