Masses of Massively Articles

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, only four, but according to the site, they'll be putting up a host of Moria related articles until release (and I'd imagine after as well) since the NDA on the beta just dropped.

Exploring Book 1 Chapter by Chapter - this is a heavily spoiler-ridden article. I did not read it because, like I said last post, I want to experience everything when Moria comes out. However, if you're not so stogy as I, be sure to check it out.

Massively's Top 5 Anticipated Features - I don't know how they managed to put these in any order, because they're all epic. I mean, we get to see Durin's Bane for Morgoth's sake. But, I would put Legendary items at number 1 for me. This systems seems to be a great way to advance your character even after the level cap. The depth of Legendary items promises to make it an engaging mechanic. The trait system revamp would be number 2, though I'm a bit aprehensive about it. It doesn't seem, from some of the screen shots seen in the hands-on articles below, that we'll be able to still mix and match if we don't like the preset sets. Then again, these sets have some epic skills and bonuses associated with them, so the incentive to use them might nix my aprehension.

Rune-Keeper Hands-On - Anything and everything you'd ever want to know about the Rune-Keeper. Skills, traits, and gameplay, it's all there.

Warden Hands-On - Just as much love as seen with the Rune-Keeper Hands-On, but for the Warden class.

Just as an FYI, I'll be taking at least a cursory glance at the new classes and post my reactions. Also, you can espect extensive first impressions and commentary on the new systems put into place with Moria. The revamped traits (which seem to more resemble the different "specs" in WoW), the legendary items, etc. Then of course I'll be talking about my experience in Moria itself. The date is fast approaching and it will soon be very busy around here.

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