Moria Beta Lifts Tomorrow

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Those of you who are participating in the beta may now "legally" spoil it for the rest of us. Well, hopefully not, but you're certainly allowed to talk about any and all of it. I for one will be doing my best to avoid spoilers. I chose not to participate in the beta even though I was invited. The magical moments of exploring this new world will have to wait until the 18th, when I can delve into it with the rest of my kinmates all at once.

It's a decision that was influenced by my beta experience at the beginning of LOTRO. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to play this game since August of 2006, but after three or four times through Breeland and into the Lone-Lands and North Downs - and even to Rivendell, the magical moments were much fewer. At least after release. I certainly experienced them during the beta process, but in some fashion, my enthusiasm waned sooner as a result. I've still remained playing, and enjoy the game greatly, but as an exporer type on the Bartle Test, the first moments of experiencing the game are the ones that produce the strongest drive in me to continue to play.

So, I choose to wait on Moria and let the excitement build.

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