Soloing 40 - 60

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The last solo-questing guide from Turbine was released yesterday and covers the remaining 20 levels. Primarily an outline of the quest hubs and some of the quests to be found at each hub. The mentioned quests all link to the official Lorebook if you're interested in more detail.

Eregion was not mentioned at all in the guide which I find odd because Eregion is almost primarily a solo zone within the level range. The quest progression here is fairly straight forward. Head out from Rivendell south along the Bruinen and up the east side of the gorge when you get past Echad Candaith. Here you start at Gwingris, move out to Echad Eregion, then Echad Dunnan, and finally Mirobel (here you'll find a series of small fellowship [3] quests in addition to some solo quests).

Like the guide said, in order to gain access to Moria you need to complete Book 1 of Volume 2 which is a solo instance opening the Doors of Durin. You can find this questline beginning at Echad Dunnan.

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