Cleaning Up Eregion

Friday, January 9, 2009

I finished the last quest(s) in Eregion this evening, which were seven quests in Tham Mirdain. Both the school and the library instances. I'm glad to see them out of my tracker, because I was at 41/45 quests. I can't say I'm completely done with Eregion yet because I have a whole slew of deeds to complete, the most annoying ones being more killing in Tham Mirdain, which means going back into those bloody instances. They're fun the first or second time around, and after that, well, not so much. I guess that's typical of deed grinding.

I'm not a fan of the long deeds that require a group to do. Getting a group together for quests takes long enough, but just for deeds means there are even fewer people available. It's the same thing with the Carn Dum and Urugarth quests in Angmar. I'll probably never finish those until there's a couple expansions down the road to get me to a much higher level where I can solo 3 elite trolls or orcs etc at once. I know it's unlikely my kinship would be willing to help. They're busy doing more productive things than helping me on my futile quest for completionism. So, it'll be a while. And the deeds will sit.

I'm having fun with Moria so far. I haven't left the Great Delving (the first "room" in Moria) yet. I'm at that point though, which I thought as a good breaking point to go finish up the Eregion quests. I wanted them out of my tracker, because, like I said, it was too full.

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