Generosity at My Expense

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I already asked if I am too nice. This time, along those same lines, it's "am I too generous". You see, I give needed materials to my kinmates for crafting. I don't use nearly all the materials found as drops because I'm a cook and farmer, getting all my stuff in one area and nearly all from one NPC. I just forward it along. However, many of these materials can get a lot of money on the Auction House.

My philosophy is, I love to give stuff to people. It's fun for me. And I'm helping my kinship. But would I be helping my kinship better if I sold some of that and, for instance, bought better equipment on the Auction House. In that case, I'd be better equipped for helping the kinship on various quest tasks etc. So, there might indeed be such thing as too much generosity and I might not be helping the kin as well as I could. What I thought was a selfless act could be considered a short-sighted act. Food for thought in the near-term. Now I have to decide how to digest it.

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