Abandoned Goal

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a quick post on this subject. I started out this blog with the goal of having one entry a day. I wanted to be a blog that produced a steady stream of content (but quality). Unfortunately, that's an unrealistic goal. Unless you're Tobold where his posts/day are actually greater than one. But I'm not Tobold and this isn't a prolithic and well-read blog (as far as I know).

I was fortunate in starting with the one-post-a-day goal during the ramp up to Moria. There was a lot to talk about. But now my goal now is to maintain regular updates. It seems the pattern will be in fits and spurts with some days seeing four posts, some seeing one, and still others getting none. I imagine there will be some points where you'll see the return to a one-post-a-day average, probably close to and after content updates. Until then, I hope my blogging is satisfying the market of LOTRO blogs that I saw lacking at the time of The Middle-Earth Adventurer's conception.

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