Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

At long last the holidays are over. My temp work for UPS is finished so I'm actually home again for something other than sleeping. I hope everybody had an awesome set of holidays. I know mine were a nice break from everything. I didn't work on Christmas, thank goodness, but I didn't log in either. Well, briefly to say "merry Christmas" to the kinship, check my mail and pay my rent. Then I was out.

I have to admit I used some of my Christmas money to cheat on LOTRO. I bought Mass Effect. So it wasn't as bad as becoming a WoW convert (hehe) but I must say I became downright obsessed over this game. I absolutely love the story and got completely caught up in it. But I beat that game yesterday afternoon. Lucky me it's a finite single player experience (can't wait for the sequal though).

But now I should be back into LOTRO and regularly posting. Unlike a lot of bloggers out there, I'm not going to be posting any 2009 predictions etc. For one, I only follow MMO gaming casually and via third-parties. Furthermore, I only play one MMO, and that's LOTRO. Maybe I should do some LOTRO predictions, but I can only think of 2: We'll see two new major landscape additions to the game and one new expansion within the next year.

I do hope to see a great year for LOTRO in 2009 and I believe it will be.

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