Rune-Keeper Love

Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't play a Rune-Keeper. Tried it out to level 6... just enough to get past the intro instance quests. Fun class in my opinion. I think I'd like the magic classes a lot and if I ever seriously consider an alt again I'd probably go with a Rune Keeper.

Anyhow, they're getting some love with new additions to the class in terms of items. Chisels will inhabit the ranged slot for Rune Keepers (but aren't ranged items) and give passive buffs to damage and avoidances. Inlays and Enamels can be applied to Rune-stones to give benefits such as reduced/unbreakable inductions and range increases. These sound like one-off buffs but it certainly possible they could be over a certain amount of time like food buffs.

This is the first news I've heard about Book 7 aside from an expanded Lothlorien zone and quests. Seeing as how I've hardly started Volume 2, Book 7 is still far away for me. I will certainly be posting about and reacting to any more news about Book 7.

Thanks to Massively for the heads-up.

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