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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I thought I'd take a moment to shout out to my fellow LOTRO bloggers. The Ancient Gaming Noob has just reached level 20 with his captain. 20 of course is a significant milestone where the captain can now wear heavy armor. It's amazing what a bit more armor will do for you at those levels. Speaking of armor, I really need to update mine. I'm still wearing mostly the level 47 crit crafted gear. It's hard to find any of the middle-level 50-60 crafted gear on the AH. I'll see what it looks like when I get to the top tier again.

The Common Sense Gamer is still enjoying his time in LOTRO amongst other games. He's recently hit 30 with his Warden. He raves about the epic book quests. I rave about them too. The most immersed I've ever felt in this game (aside from simply wandering around the Shire) is when I've participated in the epic quests. The writing is superb in the game as a whole, but the epic storyline takes the cake. Don't ever miss these quests.

Lastly, Van Hemlock is stoked that he's actually playing the same game as everybody else for once. I'm stoked too seeing nearly all the bloggers I read enjoying the same game I've been enjoying for the last couple of years. Hemlock is particularly impressed with the deed system in LOTRO. I've come to take it for granted at this point, but the flexibility is indeed one of the great aspects of the mechanic. That and for someone whose second letter in their Bartle profile is A for achievement, deeds go a long way for me.

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