Am I Too Nice?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I didn't ask this as a question in kinchat yesterday, but rather just said I'm too nice. But today I thought I'd talk about it. See, I grouped with this other player in a PUG when I was doing the Library and School quests in Tham Mirain, in Eregion. Nothing special happened necessarily except that he/she was a nice player. Well, they weren't mean, but like I said it wasn't like I just met my new best friend.

Anyhow, he sends me a tell a few days later asking for a summon. Cool, I'm in position to do that, certainly. Then yesterday he asks for summon, this time for a friend of his he's power leveling. Probably to play together. That's cool. But I'm in Moria and this person can't be summoned to Moria because they're too low level (required level of 35). So I need to go out of Moria and to a zone that's lower - in this case I ended up in Rivendell. But that required I take considerably more time out of my own adventuring to assist this person I haven't even met yet at the request of somebody I've quested with once.

But I did go ahead and help them out because I wasn't in the middle of anything at the time of the request. I told myself well, if I was I would have probably said no. But I hate saying "no" to helping people out. And that's where today's question comes in... there's got to be a moment where one can be too nice and never get anything done. Certainly I'm probably not going to become the summon service of Middle-Earth any time soon (sorry hunters, that's you) but there's a point where you're going too far out of your way. So, I asked myself, with the realization that I cannot always fulfill requests like this, am I being too nice?

Well, in jest one of my kinmates said "yes" to my statement of I'm too nice, but he might have just as well been serious.

2 Responses to "Am I Too Nice?"

Thoms Says:

"...and never get anything done."
Well, get what done? and why?
If you have a deadline to reach then sure... you're being too nice ;)
If you just play the game casually to be entertained then it depends on what you find entertaining. Some players enjoy killing the same boars again and again, some play the auction house game, some only wants to craft and others just enjoy helping out where they can :)

Anonymous Says: