Get to Know the Dwarves

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Massively's Know Your Lore column has been recently updated to include an entry about the dwarves. If you're at all interested in where these stern but merry (when drunk) race of short folk come from, check out the article.

One think I greatly appreciate about this column is how it delves into the histories of Middle-Earth found in the Silmarillion and beyond. Many people haven't read any of the books beyond the trilogy and/or the Hobbit. And many players of LOTRO haven't read the books at all. There is a whole wealth of lore surrounding this universe just waiting to be explored. Now, you have to have a tollerance for some dry reading at times, but if you're interested in any of it, I highly recommend checking out the books besides LOTR.

2 Responses to "Get to Know the Dwarves"

Anonymous Says:

Very interesting !

Jaxom92 Says:

Isn't it? I love the extraneous details about Tolkien's world. Now if I only had the time to delve more into the peripheral books...