Abandoned Goal not so Unrealistic?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

After examining my archives and looking at the number of posts I had each month, December was the only month I managed to fall short on my goal of one post a day average. December is a busy month and I was actually working during that month (wish I was now...) so it's understandable I was short... but only by 2 posts.

I think where I fell short was not on quantity, but quality. December's posts and the beginning of January tended to be more information referrals than commentary on the game. When I have a goal of a "quality content" post each day, that's when I have trouble. It's unfortunately not every day that something worth talking about comes to mind.

By the way, the layout is now operating as it should. I specifically picked a variable width layout this time in order to ensure it's viewable on all resolution monitors. I happen to have a wide screen monitor and having half the space underutilized seemed like a awful waste of space (just noticed the movie quote there).

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