Newly Discovered Feature

Friday, January 23, 2009

I was sitting in Moria yesterday thinking about when I might get the Forgotten Treasury group quests completed. In Shadows of Angmar, I tended to skip the group content, but still leave it in my quest log for another day. Unfortunately, that "another day" never came along (and they're still sitting in my log). This takes up valuable quest slots - there's a finite number of quests you can have in your log. My thoughts were along the line of "I want to get these done fairly soon so I don't repeat the problem I had before." Lucky for me, the Moria content is much closer in level so the group content is more likely to have PUGs looking for it. However, I'd much prefer to do these quests with my kinmates, which is a normal thing to want.

In any case, this got me looking at my total and maximum quests in the log, just to see what kind of breathing room I had in case I came across more fellowship quests. Hovering my mouse over the quest numbers popped up a tooltip I had no idea existed. What's more, this tooltip explained to me a feature I had no idea existed - that is, as you complete deeds, you open up more quest slots. Currently I'm at 46. Now, I had 45 when I started Moria and I thought they had just raised the cap. Seeing 46 now gave me pause and helped contribute to my discovery.

I'm pretty stoked about this for a couple of reasons. First, I can always use new quest slots. Always, always, always. I'm a completionist and it's a whole lot easier for me to keep track of the quests I haven't done if they're in my tracker rather than some mental note of where to find the quest NPCs in the world. Secondly, it gives me another reason to go deed grinding. I find it somewhat ironic that just the other day I was talking about needing different rewards for deed completion. While opening more quest slots isn't a really strong incentive except for quest-a-holics like me. Still, it's another reward.

The tooltip currently states I have 5/40 deeds completed for opening my 47th quest slot. Putting the math together when I first bought the expansion and suddenly had 45 quest slots means that I had completed at least 200 deeds. Wow... 200? And I feel like I still have a ton of deeds to go. I wonder what the current limit for quest slots are. Presumably that would be the number of deeds available in the world to complete unless there's another arbitrary cap somewhere along the line.

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