A Little FG

Friday, February 13, 2009

By FG I mean Fil Gashan, one of the six-man instances (this one in the Flaming Deeps) where a coin drops for one of the radiance gear pieces. I went three times through but didn't roll a win for the drop. Oh well, I have a long time yet to do all these instances and I just got the captain gear I have on now, which isn't bad at all. However, traited right and with all the radiance gear, one of the hunters in our group (who was also leading us through looking for a rare pocket drop) had 6,300 Morale. I, as a Captain who is supposed to have the option of off-tanking, had 5,096 Morale. That's a little odd, but like I said, he was traited out for a high morale build. If I were going for a high Morale build I could probably get close to 10k with all my radiance gear. Just a bit of a difference.

It was fun, doing one of these for the first time. We were doing it on Hard Mode which meant we had to avoid killing a certain type of mob. This necessitated suiciding twice and having our Minstrel rez us after running through in an orc disguise so we didn't kill something we weren't supposed to. I'm very glad there's no death penalty repairs if you're rezed by a Minstrel (or Captain).

I got sucked into the group by chance. One of my kinmates was involved in trying to get the group together. And I'm glad I did. Captains are usually always appreciated by the other players for their mere presence. Our buffs ya know. (The morale numbers I mentioned above were buffed stats, by the way). All in all, a good time. I wish I could have stayed longer to get the coin for the radiance piece myself, but alas I had to run. Real life was calling.

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