Any LOTRO Ads?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm not a very good judge of ad presence in the online space. I block them using Ad-Block Plus. So, I cannot speak at all about LOTRO's ads online. However, I don't see any ads in game stores such as GameStop, nor any video or print ads in traditional media. Granted, most of my entertainment consumption comes from the internet or computer-related sources, I still haven't seen much advertising for LOTRO.

I think this really hit home for me when I walked into GameStop to order/pick-up my pre-ordered collector's edition of the Mines of Moria. Every other game that was released that day or the week before had adverts around the store. WoW had this big Lich King standee sitting right in the doorway. No LOTRO was to be seen. They didn't even have the boxes displayed. (GameStop does not keep the actual media on the shelves, just empty cases.) Lich King boxes galore, and many other games that just released, but they had to go into the back and get the LOTRO box for me.

Michael Zenke of Massively and the MMOG Nation blog makes a good point about the huge monetary investment Turbine received a few months ago. There's lots they could do with that money, but one thing they might consider is investing in a little bit of advertising for LOTRO. Us bloggers only reach a limited audience relative to the general MMO player-base. Word of mouth only goes so far.

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