The Ideal Fellowship?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm not talking about player skill necessarily, but rather class composition of fellowships. Certainly there might be a perfect set up for most content, but there's always the time where content requires something special, like two minstrels, or an extra tank, or for sure a burgler and a lore-master. Whatever.

Then there are the times where you just don't get the perfect classes, regardless of the content you're doing. Maybe you have four hunters a minstrel and a bugler. That's a lot of squishy DPS for the minstrel to keep track of and nobody is wearing heavy armor. You might be able to kill single targets really fast, but if you have waves of adds as the fight progresses, you're probably in trouble. Then again, maybe not. If you're coordinated enough maybe all the hunters move from target to target. The burg can CC and hopefully keep the minstrel from getting hammered on.

The point is that not often is there a fellowship situation where it's undoable because of what classes you have in the group. Higher level content like the level 60 six-man instances or the raids, sure, but that's different. Everyday group content throughout the world is very well designed for the random fellowship. And that's a tough act to balance with nine classes that vary so greatly in abilities and armor types.

This isn't to say it won't be more or less difficult with certain class types, but Turbine has done an excellent job of making it doable. I know I appreciate that greatly - it makes PUGs more viable and more sucessful. And that promotes more group play, regardless of other considerations.

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